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We offer a wide variety of solutions for your automotive needs.


We work with several companies that count on us each day to help keep their businesses going. We understand that if your automobile is at the shop then it is not on the road making you money.


We also understand that transportation costs can effect your bottom line.  We do our best to keep those costs to a minimum, so that you can be profitable.  


Whether it's getting to work or taking your precious cargo to school, we want to help you do it with peace of mind.  And in those rare events when your car does break down then we want you to be able to pick up the phone and call a trusted friend to help you in that tough situation.
We are here for you.

If you work on your own car then most likely that means that you have a certain love for cars or are curious about learning more about your vehicle.  However, we know that anyone can paint themselves in a corner and not be able to figure out what is happening to their car.  


Bring in your car for a diagnosis to help you along your path. Don't waste money buying parts hoping you fix the problem.  Get a professional to tell you what it is and allow you to replace it on your own.


After being recommended by a coworker, I can say I wont be taking my car anywhere else from now on!  Moy is great and trustworthy.   I know my car is always in good hands and I am getting the best deal around!

If you are in need of an honest mechanic - look no further !

Rachel M, Customer

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