About Us

Our company was started over 20 years ago with the simple decision to try and give our customers the best service for their automobile at the lowest price possible. At Friends and Family Automotive, we try to build relationships by allowing our clients to understand what is happening with their car and explain in detail their repair options. It is this approach that is the foundation of our business.
These friendships we created grew so strong that our patrons began referring their freinds and family to us as well. After a while, our customers were viewed as more than just customers; all of them became our friends and family. We wanted you to be able to have a place to call where you felt safe and weren't preoccupied with the thought of being taken for a ride.


So next time you have a problem with your car, don't rely on random mechanics that charge too much or repair things that aren't needed. Instead, feel free to call on a trusted friend here at our shop.


We look forward to servicing your needs. Feel free to come and stop by to ask questions about your vehicle as we want to welcome you in our family.


Thank you,

Friends and Family Automotive

We have built our business on referrals with honest work.